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Nick Steed from Colosseum and Optimystik Visionaries released its new album "Influential Guidance" at the beginning of fall 2023. brought onto the market.
The album contains a collection of songs and styles that reflect Nick's playing and writing style over the years - he grew up in the 70s and 80s - influenced him and made him the musician he is now. "Influential Guidance" was with »[…] fellow band musicians from both bands Clem Clempson/Kim Nishikawara (Colosseum), Greg Morgan (Dare/Optimystik Visionaries), John Sandham (Optimystik Visionaries), Peter Mason (Nick Steed 5), Steve Gibson (Sad Cafe, Norman Beaker) and returning special guest who performed on his Latest Optimystik Visionaries album Lenny Castro (Toto, John Mayer, Steve Gadd) also featuring Mike Smith and Jamie Brownfield on Trumpet (The Air horns) […]« recorded.
If "Influential Guidance" When it comes to the already mentioned influences of Nick Steed, then they focus on Steely Dan as well as Toto.
Outstanding musicians make outstanding music here, resulting in a total playing time of thirty-seven minutes.
With a focus on jazz and rock with a sometimes light blues tone, the songs put people in front of the speakers in a lounge, around midnight, when you're looking forward to high-class and relaxed music.
The choir singing was perfectly staged. Here too you can draw parallels to Steely Dan. In addition to the guitars, especially in the solo situations, The Airhorns with the saxophonist Mike Smith provide care and trumpeter Jamie Brownfield on many songs for special moments. In one breath, of course, Nick Steed on the keyboards is the focus of the songs. He is a virtuoso on the black and white keys and incorporates great sound effects into his playing. You'll be happy about lots of Hammond and piano sounds. Excellent. In addition, he can convince with his voice.
That brass section again and again.
They leave a really strong impression and when Lenny Castro is out and about with his hand drums, he is always present with a great sound. He gives the songs in which he appears a special kick.
A big compliment also goes to the guitar department with Clem Clempson and Peter Mason, which appears in the relaxed "Take Your Chance" gives his business card.
What should be emphasized - in a positive sense - is the catchiness of the song.
"Influential Guidance" is an album that has a multitude of strengths and is perfect for staying in your player as a long-term runner.
There are so many moments that add to the enjoyment of this album.
Nick Steeds "Influential Guidance" is outstanding music.
Nick Steeds "Influential Guidance" is a special kind of pleasure from start to finish.
Nick Steeds "Influential Guidance" occupies a special place in this year's albums reviewed.
A sequel should be considered.
Stay healthy and take time for good music to distract yourself.